Protect & Enjoy – California
75: Potent Atmospheric Rivers and Progress at Long Last
74:Surfrider 2021: Big Plans, Plenty of Hope
73: A Cheer for Democracy, plus the Most Effective Plastic Swap Ever
72: Another Californian Beach Doomed?Plus, Roly Polies Killing Fish, Wrapping Your Gifts Sustainably and Sweet Holiday Membership Swag
This week’s episode sidelined by illegal dumping!

This week’s episode sidelined by illegal dumping!

December 1, 2020

Hey friends! I usually spend Mondays assembling the week's Protect & Enjoy episode, but things went awry yesterday when Humboldt media posted a video of some dudes dumping a big ol' pile of trash right down the road from my house! As a result, I spent the hours I would've been working on the podcast helping pick up someone else's grody garbage (full story at the link above).

This is a recurring problem along the peninsula where I live, unfortunately, and certainly not limited to our area.

The good news is, area residents and nonprofits, including Surfrider, have formed a coalition to try to find some positive ways to deter the dumping and protect the beach and bay. Progress is being made! 

So, apologies for not providing an audio update this week, but check out Mandy's blog post for a look at current activities and campaigns – and we'll be back next week! 

71: How Radioactive is Our Ocean, A Surf Report Gone Awry, Simple T-Day Swaps and Probing the Unknown
70: King Tides! Radioactive Ocean! So Many Ways to Contribute!
69: Our Plan for the Biden-Harris Administration, Swapping Out Your Plastics, What’s With the Wild Weather?
Stay tuned for your post-election episode next week!

Stay tuned for your post-election episode next week!

November 3, 2020

Hey friends! Given the timing of the election, we're holding off on recording this week, but we'll be back next week to answer the question, "What comes next?" – and provide the usual round-up of state-wide policy happenings. Until then, stay safe, stay strong. Talk to you next week! 

68: Plastic! Swap it out, phase it out
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