Protect & Enjoy – California
The King Tides are coming! Plus common foods that contain micro plastics and what is an Ichthyosaur?
Mangroves Being Amazing, A Critical Moment for Poseidon, and Some Holiday Swaps
Ocean and surf safety with “The Core Project.” Plus, plastic free food storage!
Storm Season is Upon Us (Interview with CW3E‘s Dr. Julie Kalansky), Plus Spotlight on the HB Chapter and Single Use Ban at Nat Parks Campaign Updates
Introducing new CA Policy Manager Laura Walsh! Plus MPA Decadal Review and your factoid of the week
Big victories, how to have a plastic free Halloween, and a gory factoid
The Ocean is Moving In (Interview with OPC Executive Director, Mark Gold), plus will Huntington Beach stop offshore drilling?
Oil Spill updates, plastic pollution bills pass, and swap your plastic chewing gum!
Major oil spill off Orange County - How you can help! Plus, Climate Strike in LA
Keep Bay Area Beaches Free, seawalls explained, plus a saucy factoid on corals!
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